Patricia Aburdene Megatrends 2010 The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

  Patricia Aburdene Megatrends 2010 The Rise of Conscious Capitalism
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 n the wake of corporate scandal, recession, record deficits, and terrorist attacks, more and more people are turning inward to determine where their true values lie. Likewise, more and more companies are discovering that placing social and environmental values ahead of the bottom line is actually helping to boost profits. In this trade paperback edition of Megatrends 2010, Patricia Aburdene, co-author of the bestselling Megatrends 2000 investigates "corporate social responsibility" and identifies seven new megatrends that will redefine business in the coming years. Aburdene, who has been hailed by the Christian Science Monitor as "one of the foremost trend trackers in the United States," discovers that significant numbers of both new-economy and old-guard companies such as AOL, GM, and Xerox are tapping into the wave of conscious capitalism by bringing meditation into the workplace, forcing stricter environmental controls on their vendors, and donating both time and money to social causes.

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